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Polyurethanes (PUR) have found application in almost every branch of industry. Main advantages of PUR are: exceptional resistance against: abrasion, water, weather conditions, lubricants and oils, solved acids and alkalies, organic solvents. Only temperature has slight influence on mechanical properties of polyurethanes:  upper limit 200 °C, and lower -70°C. 



Polyurethanes are mainly applied in:
- refrigeration industry - 10%,
- furniture industry - 28%,
- car industry - 17%,
- building industry - 14%,
- others - 31%.

Currently different types of foams: rigid, flexible and semi-flexible; create over 90% of total polyurehhanes production and over 50% of total production synthetic porous plastics. Main raw materials in production of polyurethanes are: diisocyanates and polyols (polyesters and polyethers). 

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